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Regional Fusion & Law Enforcement Centre

For Safety & Security at Sea

Objective of the Reflecs3

The overarching strategic objective for the Reflecs3 is to create a multi-disciplinary and multinational centre for law enforcement cooperation in partnership with Seychelles, wider Indian Ocean nations and international partners to combat the threat from regional piracy and maritime linked transnational organized crime. The intention is to create sustainable regional capability and capability to undermine the piracy business model by bringing pirate leaders, financiers and enablers to justice and depriving them of the proceeds and benefits of their crimes.

In order to achieve this, the centre has three specific operational objectives which are:

[A] Intelligence development -To catalyse and facilitate the sharing and development of intelligence

The Reflecs3 will work in accordance with national and international law with regional and international partners to share intelligence with participating partner states and agencies and collaborate to develop that intelligence into advanced Intelligence Development Packages (IDPs).  IDPs should support enhanced regional and extra-regional coordination, providing actionable opportunities for intelligence-led operations, investigations, mutual assistance and prosecutions. This will enable information and criminal intelligence and evidence to be developed against organised Somali piracy groups and other maritime-related organised criminal groups involved in activities such as illicit trafficking of drugs, weapons or people.

[B] Investigation and prosecution -To support investigations and prosecutions

The Reflecs3 will develop intelligence to assist state parties to build IDPs against key targets. The Reflecs3 will seek to identify material held by international law enforcement and intelligence partners and appropriate commercial or governmental entities which could reasonably be considered as evidence in the furtherance of a case towards eventual prosecution. These evidential opportunities will be shared with the appropriate prosecuting authorities to enable them to take the case to the point where international arrest warrants, and Interpol Red Notices, can be applied for and obtained.

[C] Capacity and capability building - To build capacity, competence and capabilities

A vital element of the Reflecs3’s work will be to engage with regional partners to increase their capacity and capability to deliver effective prosecutions. This will be achieved by training, mentoring and co-working with a range of international partners seconded to the centre and access to modern identification, intelligence gathering and analytical software. This will be done in collaboration with participants and other regional actors such as the UNODC who have already provided support and investment in this arena.

The Reflecs3 will develop these objectives to build indigenous Seychelles and regional law enforcement piracy prosecution capacity in the Indian Ocean region and will work in close cooperation with existing law enforcement structures such as Interpol, in order to prevent any duplication of effort. The Reflecs3 will in effect act as a regional hub from INTERPOL providing extra resources and in-region support for prosecuting states.

Governance and Structure

The Centre is led by a Director and a Deputy Director. They will be overseen by the Reflecs3 Management Board at local level in Seychelles and the Reflecs3 Steering Group at International level. The Reflecs3 Steering Group will report progress and developments to the relevant working groups of the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia (CGPCS).