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People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) visit RAPPICC as part of Seychelles Independence Day Celebrations

As part of the Independence Day celebrations, the CNS Harbin which forms part of the Escort Task Group (ETG) 112 of the Chinese People Liberation Army (PLA) navy visited Seychelles.

Whilst in Seychelles, the Force Commander Rear Adm. Yuan Yubai requested a visit to the RAPPICC to view the facility and discuss RAPPICC efforts to support nation states activity to repress piracy and other transnational organised crime.

Accompanied by the Ambassador of the Republic of China, His Excellency Shi Zongjun and a large delegation of officers and crew from the CNS Harbin, the Rear Admiral had an exceptionally useful tour of the RAPPICC and was extremely interested in the work of the Centre.

During the visit Rear Adm. had the opportunity to speak to a number of team members from the RAPPICC and the Seychelles Piracy Intelligence Cell (SeyPIC) which is

co-located alongside the RAPPICC.

The visit concluded with the Rear Adm signing the visitors book and presenting a shield from the PLAN to RAPPICC to mark the occaision.