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REFLECS3 hosts VTC hearing Seychelles Supreme Court

The Seychelles Supreme Court sat at REFLECS3 for one day for the trial of nine suspects accused of mounting a piracy attack on the MV Torm Kansas in November 2013.

The Court was held at REFLECS3 in order that the Captain of the MV Torm Kansas could give his evidence to the court by live Video Tele Conferencing (VTC) link from India. This case was the first in the Seychelles to hear evidence via VTC since the introduction of The Criminal Evidence Amendment Act 2013 and the court was able to make use of the VTC facilities that had been installed in the Reflecs3 centre by UNODC.

Thanks to the equipment at REFLECS3 the court were able to hear evidence from the Captain about how the attack was repelled by the on-board security team. It is alleged that the suspected Somali Pirates had also attached the MV Zhongji before being detained by the crew of the HDMS Esbern Snare. The trial has been adjourned until October for further witnesses to give evidence.