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Regional Fusion & Law Enforcement Centre

For Safety & Security at Sea

Internship at the REFLECS3 center

From the 14th of July 2014 to the 1st of August 2014 five Law students from the University of Seychelles did their internship at Reflecs3.

This internship was targeted specifically on current undergraduate law students. They where expected to draw on their first year of legal training and on their general skills in critical reasoning and analysis, document handling, and attention to detail.

Their primary responsibility during the internship was to assist in the analysis of court decisions/ judgments and investigation files of previous piracy cases. The priority in this respect was by reading previous judgments of the court and investigation files, and identifying and extracting the entities contained therein. The five interns attended a lecture on piracy and evidence collection and also visited the Montagne Possee prison.

This internship provided them with unique insights into the practical operation of the Regional Fusion & Law Enforcement Centre for Safety & Security at Sea in Seychelles. It also served as an introduction to all aspects of law enforcement processes in piracy cases and equiped them with basic research and analytical skills.